Our company has a high credit rating, which means that our company’s operations are reliable and long-lasting

We have experience in Estonia already since 1993. This ensures that we understand the country and its people very well. Due to our long experience we know the patterns of the country inside out.

We offer wide range of services with the help of our experienced personnel and wide cooperation network.This ensures high-quality expertise and fast availability of services. We have about 400 international accounting clients.

Our company has A-credit rating from Creditinfo Eesti AS which means that our company’s operations are reliable and long-lasting.




Ville Ryynänen

CEO Phone Est +372 56464458 Phone Fin +358 40 1890 710 ville@ryynanenconsulting.comVile183

I am Finnish, but I have been living in Estonia since 1993. I am a graduate from the University of Tartu Master’s degree in Economic Sciences in 2004, and since then I have worked in Tallinn managerial positions in different companies. I have been in positions of responsibility in small “sweat shops” and also in the global listed companies. This ensures that I understand the needs of a very diverse business. I speak Finnish, Estonian, English and Russian and I have an Estonian wife.

Because of the above, I know the Estonian business culture very well and I can read local things “between the lines”. I decided to set up a consultancy company whose aim is to help non-Estonian companies in Estonia and to help start new businesses in Estonia.

I specialize in ready-made companies, accounting, consultation and searching of business subcontractors.

My LinkedIn profile is here.





Vivika A. Palu

Accountant vivika@ryynanenconsulting.com Phone +372 522 0997Vivika Palu
Vivika has long experience as an accountant. She has been a Chief Accountant at CV Keskus for 10 years, where she made the entire Baltic consolidated financial statements for the parent company quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Prior to that, Vivika worked for 3 years as a bookkeeper at Leinonen Group.

During her long career, Vivika has worked with many internationally renowned auditing companies such as KPMG, Rödl & Partner and has also worked with many smaller auditing companies.

She has been involved in many bookkeeping training and studying at Euro University. Vivika speaks Estonian, Finnish, English and Russian.

My LinkedIn profile is here.





Lüüli HellamaaLyyli183

Accountant lyyli@ryynanenconsulting.com
Lüüli has long experience as an accountant. He has been 15 years chief accountant in SMEs, 8 years as a business controller at an international company. He has had many courses, including accounting, budgeting, and controlling courses. He also has high-quality tax expertise.






Anita Äkke

Accountant anita@ryynanenconsulting.com
Anita has previously worked as an accountant at Rödl & Partner OÜ and BDO Eesti AS. Anita knows Estonia, English, Russian and German.








Katja Veinstein

Accountant katja@ryynanenconsulting.com
Katja is a highly experienced accountant and has previously worked as an accountant in Hedman Partners. She has studied accounting at the Tallinn School of Economics. Katja speaks Russian, Estonian, English and a little bit French and Finnish.








Ilkka LeinonenIlkka

Market-specialist ilkka@ryynanenconsulting.com
Ilkka has lived in Estonia since 1993 and knows the market and customs very well. Ilkka specializes in subcontracting and analysis. He will also assist in a number of duties, for example, in the ministry of the meeting and in the licensing procedures of Estonia. Ilkka has studied in the USA and speaks Finnish, Estonian and English.





Lilli RyynänenLilli183

Secretary lilli@ryynanenconsulting.com
She cares for your company’s paperwork, translates, holds billboards and hires accommodation. Lilli speaks Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish. She also designs logos for companies and is responsible for the creation of a corporate image. She will help your products become available if they come from outside the EU. She will also advise you on how to get your EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number).