Are you already active on Estonian markets or perhaps starting to operate in Estonia or are you interested in having a company in Estonia? Or are you in search of a reliable subcontractor or wish to investigate the background of your Estonian cooperation partner?

We can help. We also sell off the shelf companies in Estonia, i.e. founding a company in Estonia is easy with us. A limited liability or holding company is also not a problem. So, if you are interested in having a company in Estonia – contact us! Bring your company to Estonia and save on expenses! Ask more by calling or sending an e-mail!

We have experience in Estonia already since 1993. This ensures that we understand the country and its people very well. Due to our long experience we know the patterns of the country inside out.

We offer wide range of services with the help of our experienced personnel and wide cooperation network. This ensures high-quality expertise and fast availability of services.


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Accounting in Estonia

We offer professional accounting services to your Estonian company at reasonable prices. Our service packages start from 69,7 € a month. We have about 400 international accounting clients.

Our accounting office shall draw your financial statement, VAT calculations, wage calculations, etc. Our accountant shall provide services to you in English language!

Company to Estonia                         

We offer three different off shelf company packages:

1) Company as an e-service 420 €

2) Budget company 450 €

3) Basic off shelf company 690 €


The company already exists or is found in Estonia with everything ready to start business. The packages include the company, notary fees, stamp duties, banking account and 4 hours consulting by a consult. Off the shelf company enables you to start your business activities assertively and presentably already today! Company in Estonia is easy with us. 

Consulting services

We offer help for expanding into Estonia and operating in Estonia. We have over 20 years of experience in Estonia that ensures in-depth knowledge of Estonian approaches and business environment.

Would you like to save your expenses? For instance, we can find you a reliable subcontractor in Estonia who can deliver products and services to you a lot cheaper than your present partner in your country!

An Estonian subcontractor often enables fast deliveries at reasonable prices. Estonia is so close to Scandinavia both geographically and culturally that it is a splendid place for nearshoring base of Scandinavian companies.

So, do not hesitate to ask for more information on how you could organise subcontracting in Estonia!

Why start a company in Estonia? There are several reasons; just a few of them are here:


    • Economy of Estonia stands on solid ground, which cannot be said about most of the European countries.
    • Company taxation is very competitive – for instance, one does not have to pay taxes on profits remaining in company.
    • There is professional, cheap and language-skilled labour force available.
    • A company in Estonia is close to Russia and other Baltic states.
    • Legislation is entrepreneurship-friendly
    • Expenses can be times smaller than in Western Europe
    • Cost-efficient outsourcing of operations
    • Founding a company in Estonia is very easy
    • Estonia is very close to Scandinavia both geographically and culturally
    • Estonia enables to use different services via online e-services, which makes business operations easy



Ask for more! The first half hour of consulting is free of charge!




Ville Ryynänen


I am Finnish, but I have been living in Estonia since 1993. I am a graduate from the University of Tartu Master’s degree in Economic Sciences in 2004, and since then I have worked in Tallinn managerial positions in different companies. I have been in positions of responsibility in small “sweat shops” and also in the global listed companies. This ensures that I understand the needs of a very diverse business. I speak Finnish, Estonian, English and Russian and I have an Estonian wife.

Because of the above, I know the Estonian business culture very well and I can read local things “between the lines”. I decided to set up a consultancy company whose aim is to help non-Estonian companies in Estonia and to help start new businesses in Estonia.

I specialize in ready-made companies, accounting, consultation and searching of business subcontractors.

Phone Est +372 56464458

Phone Fin +358 40 1890 710


Ville Ryynänen CEO